Service and Gratitude - grateful to be a part of our community

In the last couple of weeks, the team at 30 Church Women's Store has been fortunate enough to participate in not just one, but two fashion shows with two very worthwhile organizations. 

First, with a group called 'Tit Bateau, a Moncton dragonboat team of  breast cancer survivors and loved ones of survivors; then with Amherst's Autumn House, of the Transition House Association of Nova Scotia

These experiences were both humbling and exhilarating, as both groups deal with severely difficult life issues and yet they face them with energy and positivity. Afterwards, we found ourselves overwhelmingly grateful that we are in a position to serve and to contribute to our community in this way.

People sometimes think of fashion as superficial and frivolous. At 30 Church, however, we know that the way a woman dresses can have a serious and profound impact on her self-image, which can be pivotal in any recovery process.

Thank you 'Tit Bateau and Autumn House for inviting us to serve you. It was truly an honour!

'Tit Bateau Fashion Show


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