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The other day, Lorna and I (Holly) were discussing how different each experience can be when you're serving a customer. Some people love lots of attention and enjoy being doted upon, while others prefer that you give them space and allow them to browse the merchandise on their own. Sometimes it's easy to identify which customers are which, and we do our best to respect your personal needs or shopping style.

However, it's not always black and white. In fact there are many shades of grey when it comes to reading an individual and figuring out how to assist them in the best or most appropriate way. See, the philosophy of 30 Church Women's Clothing is that all women are beautiful and it is our goal to encourage women to see the beauty in themselves.

So, to that end, we make very intentional attempts to get to know each woman that walks through our door. At the very least, we try to gain an understanding of their current situation and what their shopping needs might be. Perhaps they were just walking by and saw the sale rack in the window; perhaps they have a emotionally triggering family function for which they need a new outfit and the whole idea is causing them stress; maybe they are on a body-shaping journey and are unsure what suits their changing figure. 

Some want assistance from beginning to end, some want none at all. Then there are the ones that seem to warm up slowly, wanting no attention at first but opening up and becoming very chatty with us by the time they leave. Some people just plain don't even look at us when we welcome them, which, to be honest, baffles us a little bit...

It is our hope that our customers feel welcomed and well-served by our attention and recognize that we mean only to compliment their 30 Church shopping experience and not to pressure them into spending their money. Those who have shopped here know we won't let you walk out that door in something we don't believe enhances your beauty! We aim to serve our community and the women of our area. So, when you do come in, we always appreciate you letting us know how best to serve your unique needs. It's what we're here for.

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