The Power of the Bra!

Here at 30 Church Women's Clothing we love women's bodies. All women's bodies. And we know that the shape of any body can be enhanced by the right outfit. No matter what you think of your figure, we know that there are styles and designs that will make you feel beautiful.

That said, no matter how gorgeous a piece a woman wears on the outside, her whole outfit can be sabotaged by the wrong undergarment. It's true. Ever wonder why some days you look in the mirror and it seems like all your lumps and bumps are showing in all the wrong places? Could it be your undies?

An example of poorly chosen underwear... 
This is something we see every day here. It's interesting because, often, when we go shopping we want to be comfortable, or we're just in between errands, so we're wearing our comfy underwear. While the logic makes sense, it can sometimes be counterproductive.

Imagine trying on a fun summer outfit that has all the right colours for you, comes in your perfect size, and fits your budget... but you're wearing underwear that creates lines that make you think the pants are unbecoming. The wrong bra can completely change the way a top fits. It can be as simple as tightening your bra straps, which may have stretched over time. Giving the girls a lift can go a long way.

Something to think about...

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