Anne-Marie Chagnon: Canadian Designed For Over 20 Years

"We don't need to wear jewelry.  

We wear jewelry the way we carry a message. 

It's a way of showing your difference.  

A way of being strong.

 For yourself first, then for others."

Anne-Marie Chagnon is a jewelry designer from Montreal, trained at the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Quebec in Montreal. She has continuously created new collections over the last twenty years. Her designs are handcrafted in her Montreal workshop and are available on five continents around the world. Her jewelry pieces are like individual sculptures created with a variety of materials: pewter, iridescent glass, carved resin and resin glaze, PVC, gold, bronze, leather, wood, horn and images taken from her drawings and paintings. Yes, she's a painter too! Each piece of Anne-Marie Chagnon jewelry is a signature piece that will complement any piece of clothing from the most basic t-shirt to an elaborate dress.  Not simply jewelry; her pieces are wearable art.

At 30 Church we are pleased to have Anne-Marie Chagnon jewelry available for sale. Pop in to take a look at her unique collection.

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