Getting a make-over does not have to mean changing your whole style...

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to put yourself and your style in the hands of others? Well, yesterday, we at 30 Church Women's Clothing had the opportunity to give one of our valued customers a head-to-toe make-over!

Now, when we say "make-over" we do not mean that we wanted to completely change anyone's look or style. In fact, we didn't want to change too much at all about the look of the beautiful woman who participated. The approach we took was simply to enhance her already lovely features and fashionable wardrobe. I suppose you could say we really just wanted to pamper a deserving woman for a day!


And what a great day it was! Although she received a haircut and style, Lisa chose to keep her natural hair colour, and we agreed that keeping her make-up light suited her best. From there, we dressed her in some of her own clothing that she has bought here over time, as well as some items straight from our racks.

We had a great time and Lisa was fantastic to work with! Thank you, Lisa!

And a big thank you to FYidoctors for supplying glasses frames for Lisa to choose from; Damaris Spa and Kelly Mattinson for Lisa's haircut and style; and Denice MacDonald for doing Lisa's make-up.

30 Church Women's Clothing; only in Amherst...


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