One Season At A Time

Living in Canada allows us to experience four beautiful seasons (length of season may vary) 

When the warm weather finally hits we become excited to shed our extra layers of clothing. And when we feel that first chill of the year, many of us grumble that the best time of year is quickly coming to an end. 

But when we take a step back and look at everything we get to experience in a year, how lucky are we? 

The ever-changing seasons allows us to break up our year into four parts. Set goals. Change up how we dress. Change up our activities. Keep things fresh and exciting. 

Each season comes with beauty. The first flower blossom, the first trip to the beach, the first pumpkin you spot, and the first snowfall. 

Time goes so quickly. With each season that passes and each season that is approaching, take a moment to think about what you did, and what you would like to do. Whether it be to take more beach walks with your grandchildren, or read more books cuddled up to a fire while snow quietly falls outside.

Let’s immerse ourselves with our loved ones in our beautiful world. One season at a time. 

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