Resolutions For Your Mind & Soul

During the weeks following Holiday festivities, we seem to be hit with panic. 

Did I just waste the last year?

What did I accomplish?

Why did I not reinvent myself?

My body is not where I wanted it to be at.

Disappointment ensues when expectations from our New Year resolutions are not met.

But maybe the real problem begins with our resolutions.

Instead of resolutions that target our bodies in a critical way, lets target our minds and souls. Lets travel more, read more books, get more sleep, dedicate more time to loved ones, relax and refresh. 

Pay attention to what your mind and soul are craving. Listen to yourself and discover what you need.

That is what beginning a New Year should be. Starting with a fresh slate and introducing wonderful things that you missed out on in the previous year.

Make the time for you, the things you enjoy and the people you love. Rediscover the beauty that surrounds you, and when next January comes knocking, you can welcome it with open arms.

What would you like to discover this year?

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