The difference a touch of make-up can make...

Now, I don't want to say that everyone "needs" make-up or that make-up ought to be considered a requirement at all times, but it sure can make a difference.

This morning I came in make-up-free, planning to record a short video for Facebook of my daily application regime, using the Pure Anada products that we carry here at 30 Church Women's Clothing. Now, I tend to be a bit self-conscious (yes, in spite of my at-times ridiculous demeanor, it's true!) and so I was pretty eager to get some make-up on before customers came in.

And I was surprised at just how nervous I was showing others how I do my make-up! It's not until you expose your process that you realize just how personal it is, I guess. 

But when I was finished, I felt more put-together. I felt ready for my day and less vulnerable, believe it or not. There's power in that. Why, and how does it work? I'm not too sure, I just know that it does.

Feeling beautiful helps you feel more powerful. It does for me, anyway.

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