Anne-Marie Chagnon Aissa Ceramic 449685

Anne-Marie Chagnon

Anne-Marie Chagnon Aissa Ceramic 449685

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Playful and elegant, Aissa strikes the perfect balance between shape and texture. Cream-colored ceramic squares dangle from delicate bronze hoops, dancing ever so slightly as the wearer moves.

Anne-Marie Chagnon: Mostly known as an artist jeweller, Anne-Marie Chagnon is above all a multidisciplinary artist. Art, drawing, and sculpture are part of the jewellery creation process. Pictorial language has carved out a niche of choice in her works.Trendsetter, colourful, audacious or expressive, her style leaves no one indifferent. After 20 years of creation, the artist with non-standard talent continues to surprise by her ever-expanding creativity. Today you can find many of Anne-Marie Chagnon’s earrings and bracelets  here at 30 Church Women’s clothing. Her unique and colourful pieces are the perfect finishing piece for any outfit as well as make a beautiful gift!