Alison Sheri Sweater - A38025

Alison Sheri Sweater - A38025

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Black, rib knit sweater with a relaxed ribbed turtle neck.

The perfect sweater or any wardrobe. Can be dressed up or down. 

30% Viscose, 28% Polyester, 22% Nylon, 20% Modal 

Alison Sheri: Since 2002 Alison Sheri has aspired to change the way people see the world of fashion and trends. Their goal was to create something that you could love and cherish for many years without the piece becoming “dated”. The company also believes you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort and the proper fit in order to be trendy. Today at 30 Church women’s clothing you can find multiple Alison Sheri pieces from luxurious knitwear to timeless classic basics.

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