Joggins Mud EYE BUTTER. - Eye Brightening Cream 5ml & 15ml

Joggins Mud EYE BUTTER. - Eye Brightening Cream 5ml & 15ml

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To reduce puffiness, lines, wrinkles, and dark circles from around the sensitive eye area, and to brighten your eyes! A Ghee-based Eye Butter that is a refreshing combination of the most extraordinary essential oils and naturally derived vitamins (C+E). 

  • Instructions: "A little goes a long way" Use a small amount on the tip of your ring finger, and rub the butter into the skin around the eye, from the bottom of the eye socket, just below the brow, and out to the crow's feet. Massage the butter in gently. 
  • Ingredients: Organic grass-fed Ghee, Essential oils: Rose, Sandalwood, Santalum, Lavender, Lavender, Cypress, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, 1-Ascorbic Acid, Frankincense, Rose Geranium, Carrot Seed, Patchouli, Lemon

Ghee butter is famous is Ayurvedic medicine as an eye emollient as it actually absorbs and penetrates into the 7 layers of skin, taking along with it all of the beneficial properties of the essential oils. 

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