Joggins Mud. HONEY DUST - Dusting Powder - 226 Grams

Joggins Mud. HONEY DUST - Dusting Powder - 226 Grams

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This dust is formulated to absorb sweat and the honsey, an anti-inflammatory, helps heal red rashes in skin folds, etc. All natural ingredients, including real powdered honey with no filler ingredients or fragrances. The anti-bacterial qualities of the honey and moisture-absorbing cornstarch help to make quick work of heat, rash and the like. Terrific for both odour and scent absorption. This is a completely natural and even edible product.

Instructions: Apply honey dusting powder to anywhere that you get particularly sweaty or red; under arms, behind elbows & knees, around chest, between legs. 
Ingredients: Cornstarch, Arrowroot Powder, Pure Powdered Honey, Erythritol (derivative of Stevia), Icing Sugar, Pure Vanilla

*Each bag of honey dust contains an organic bamboo dusting pad! 

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