Mansted EA Raspberry Coloured Sweater
Mansted EA Raspberry Coloured Sweater
Mansted EA Raspberry Coloured Sweater

Mansted EA Raspberry Coloured Sweater

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  • 100% Cotton

Mansted is a personal knitwear collection designed and developed by Charlotte Mansted. the brand was created in 2002, and the two annual collections : spring/summer & autumn/winter are currently sold in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Canada & USA.

it takes a bit of knowledge to fully appreciate mansted knit. notice the little fully fashion marks at the armhole showing that it is knit piece by piece and not cut from a roll of fabric. this gives an excellent opportunity to make unique details and pieces, only possible in knitwear, and still at affordable prices.


colours are vital. our speciality are the vibrant melange colours in lambswool & cotton, where each fibre has multiple colours. we hope to cater for every girls favourite colour. we work as seriously on colour and combinations as we do on the design of the actual knitwear piece.

yarns are as pure as we can get them, or a mix of pure qualities, in cotton, linen/hemp, wool & yak.
we strive to have qualities that feel soft to the skin.

finish & edges

the knitwear pieces are linked together, actually knit together, stitching into each stitch. this produces a very flat finish, not bulky, with hardly any seam allowance. unique to knitwear are the many special edges you can create.


we use natural buttons, mostly real shell, with a transparent matt rubberfinish.

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