Red Coral Print Shirt Blouse 820-0348-B&W

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Product:  This black and white print blouse is versatile and can be dressed up or down. A great addition to your fall wardrobe.


- 80% Rayon,

- 20% Polyamide

About the Brand: Roughly 30 years ago in a little town of Kitchener, Ontario, a woman named Judy lived happily as a wife to her husband and a mother to her two young daughters. Though she was already content with her life, she longed to strive for more. So, Judy began thinking of ways to provide more for her family. She always had a passion for fashion and adored wearing accessories, so she thought, “Why not sell to boutiques in Kitchener-Waterloo?” Judy bought a big, black leather handheld carrying case and filled it with all of her accessories that she had purchased from a wholesaler in Toronto. Judy traveled from boutique to boutique, in hopes that by 5 o’clock her carrying case would be empty. Eventually, she began to venture out of her carrying case grew into two, her home basement grew into a showroom, and her showroom grew into a warehouse. And that’s how the Red Coral Brand was born. Today they provide beautiful items for women of all ages and sizes. At 30 Church Women’s clothing you will find a variety of Red Coral blouses and dresses.

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