Who We Are & What We Do




30 Church Women's Clothing is all about people.

We are a small independent boutique that give personal service and to a small community. 

30 Church Women's Clothing focuses on you and your needs. Our stylists will help you pick out the clothes that make you look and feel beautiful. Whether you are working full time, retired, or a young mother we'll help you get into the outfits that fit your lifestyle.


Meet Our Staff



I like to call Barb the "style maven". She has loved the ins and outs of fashion all her life. From sewing clothes as a teenager to styling women at 30 Church, she knows clothes and how to make you look good. She spends her evenings reading and researching style! 

Lorna, beautiful Lorna, is the right hand woman for all three of our family businesses. She loves clothes and style and knows how important people are to our business. She might be found waiting on a customer, wrapping gifts, ringing in your gorgeous outfit, or back in the office. She is a renaissance woman.